Leaders in Methane Destruction and Bioenergy

Energy Exported
5,000,000 MWh
Carbon Abated
45,000,000 CO2e
Capacity Installed
90.00 MW
Biogas Projects

Australia’s leading bioenergy and emissions reduction company

LMS Energy is Australia’s largest and most experienced landfill biogas company. The recovery of landfill biogas reduces methane emissions and provides a reliable source of renewable energy. Each year, LMS’ projects reduce over 4 million tonnes of greenhouse gases from being emitted into the atmosphere, making LMS one of Australia’s largest emissions reducers. LMS has successfully delivered more landfill biogas projects than any other Australian company and are highly recognised as innovators in this industry.

Projects across Australia

Projects across Australia

LMS has more landfill biogas projects than any other company in Australia. This includes 36 bioenergy facilities and 5 solar facilities, generating more than 550,000MW hours of renewable energy per annum. LMS also has a further 26 carbon abatement projects, combined abating over 4 million tonnes (CO2e) of carbon per annum. Our project experience and technical know-how enhances environmental and financial results.

Our Projects

A proud
family history

LMS' founders pioneered the collection and conversion of landfill biogas-to-energy in 1982. Today, LMS remains 100% Australian owned and are the nation's largest and most experienced landfill base-load generator. Our experience is unmatched.

Our Story

Biogas Solutions

LMS offers a complete, in-house service for biogas-to-energy. This includes the installation of biogas capture systems, manufacture of biogas flares and construction and operation of biogas power stations. LMS’ unrivalled experienced ensures world-class biogas captures rates and power station availabilities. Our IP sets us apart from competitors.

A sustainable
electricity generator

LMS generates reliable base-load electricity from landfill biogas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, unlike other intermittent renewable energy sources. LMS, in partnership with subsidiary Joule Energy, are also the first innovators in solar on landfill technology. Our dynamic approach is driven by innovation and investment.

Our Future

The highest
safety standards

At LMS safety comes before all other considerations, and is never compromised. LMS has a proud safety and compliance record. Our 200 employees actively create a safe working environment.

Our Commitment