Gas Flares

LMS Gas Flares are designed and manufactured in-house for the clean combustion of methane. These enclosed flares are independently verified for the calculation of carbon credits under various Australian schemes.

The LMS Gas Flare is manufactured in Australia and designed to suit the current and future needs of the market. These flares enable LMS to accurately measure gas flows and methane destructed. These flares are proven to both assist with control of emissions from the landfill and generate Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs). 

LMS Gas Flares are also used on sites with existing renewable energy facilities to destroy surplus gas that is not utilised in the power generation process. This ensures LMS' projects provide greater environmental and financial benefits. 

The LMS Gas Flare is designed to be low maintenance, easy to transport, highly reliable and secure. With more than 100 currently operating in Australia and overseas, these unique flares are proven to operate reliably for many years.