Landfill gas and the Carbon Market have a long, integrated history. LMS was the first company to create and trade carbon credits from landfill gas in Australia, and has been involved in every carbon scheme that has facilitated abatement of landfill gas in Australia. 

LMS’ experience, coupled with extensive knowledge of the drivers and interactions of carbon markets with landfill gas, will help clients benefit from potential opportunities and minimise the risks these markets can create.

Maximising opportunities and minimising risks relies on the amount of gas captured, combined with the high availability of generators and flares to combust gas. LMS has industry-leading gas capture efficiency and generator availability.

This ensures revenue is maximised, providing clients with enhanced environmental and financial outcomes. The additional renewable electricity generated by these high efficiencies further enhances results for clients.

The Carbon Markets are constantly evolving and will continue to do so in the future. LMS has a dedicated Carbon Markets team who help our clients to understand the changing opportunities and inherent risks. LMS also plan and work with clients to provide complete solutions, placing them in an optimal position with regards to the Carbon Markets.

The Clean Energy Regulator issues Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) to LMS under the Carbon Farming Initiative. LMS provides financial services for ACCUs and derivatives as an authorised representative of Navitus Pty Ltd (AFSL 425609).

LMS is committed to the prevention of financial crime such as money laundering and the funding of terrorist activity. LMS will collect information from persons acquiring ACCUs or derivatives as required by the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Terrorism Financing Act 2006.

Please contact Patrick Lim if you have any enquiries.