Professional Management

LMS is managed by a uniquely qualified team with experience in landfill gas, biogas, coal seam methane, power generation, carbon trading and power purchase agreements. The management team also has experience in landfill gas and energy infrastructure projects throughout Australia, Malaysia, China, Korea, North America, the United Kingdom and Europe.



Chairman & Group CEO

John founded LMS in 1996 after his father Emanuel Falzon pioneered the collection and conversion of landfill gas-to-energy in Australia in 1982.  Today, John continues to lead Australia’s most experienced landfill gas and energy personnel.




Finance Director

Donje began her career working for Wallace McMullin & Smail (Chartered Accountants), before moving to PR Mann & Co (Chartered Accountants) in 1980. She has also achieved a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting). In 1997 Donje began working for LMS and today is responsible for overseeing the financial expenditure and financial reporting of the company. 




Chief Executive Officer

Brett spent over ten years in the power generation industry prior to working at LMS, primarily in fossil fuels and non-renewable energy. He has also received an achievement award in the Master of Business Administration (MBA). In 2002 Brett began working for LMS and today is responsible for overseeing the Corporate Group, including legislation and revenue, finance and accounts, corporate and commercial management.    




Corporate Counsel & Company Secretary

Suzanne is an experienced lawyer who has worked in both Australia and the United States during the past 17 years. She is a former partner in the Corporate and Commercial division of Finlaysons, a well-respected Adelaide law firm, and has particular expertise in environmental issues. She has advised major corporations on managing their carbon liability and has extensive knowledge of emissions trading schemes in Australia and the United States. She works with regulators to ensure compliance with environmental law and regulations and other obligations.  Her experience and knowledge provide LMS with the ability to quickly and efficiently resolve legal issues.     




Chief Generation Officer

Mark has over 20 years of operational experience in the landfill gas-to-energy industry. He managed the Operations of LMS for over 10 years, including one million run hours of landfill gas fuelled power generation. In 1999 Mark began working for LMS and today is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Generation Group, including purchasing and joint venture management, environmental compliance, safety and operations.    




Chief Project Officer

David has over 20 years' experience in the landfill gas industry. He has also achieved a Bravery Medal presented by the Australian Governor General. In 1998 he began working for LMS and today is responsible for the Project Group, including landfill gas and project optimisation, installations and resources, engineering and construction.




Chief Engineering Manager

Darren has over 18 years experience in the automotive and mining industries, holding numerous senior management positions over the years. Prior to working at LMS, Darren was the Engineering and Maintenance Manager at Uranium One where he led a team of trades and engineers to oversee the safe and reliable operations of the Honeymoon Uranium Mine. Darren has also achieved a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering (Hons) and a Graduate Certificate in Manufacturing Management. In 2013 Darren began working for LMS and is today responsible for overseeing project development, engineering, technologies and power station construction.  




IT Manager

Fiona started working in the landfill gas industry in 1992. During this time she was responsible for Australia’s first qualification and successful audit verification of carbon credits from landfill gas.  Fiona is responsible for overseeing IT systems within the company.  Having worked within all facets of the business, Fiona has a detailed understanding of the core business processes and functioning.




Engine & Asset Manager

David has over three decades of industry experience, including 25 years experience with Caterpillar marine, power generation and mining products. He began working at LMS in 2004, the same year our initial power generation projects came online. Today David continues to oversee the timely operation and maintenance of all power generation and associated facilities nationally.




Group Manager Gas

Greg has been in the landfill gas industry for over a decade. He began working at LMS in 2003, and was involved in LMS’ very first landfill gas extraction installations at the Brisbane (QLD) and Swanbank (QLD) landfills. Greg is also currently completing a Certificate 4 in Business. Today Greg continues to oversee the Installations and Resources teams, including the correct design and installation of landfill gas systems, as well as sustainable landfill gas maintenance and management to maximise resource recovery for energy generation.