SeeBeyondBorders is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to provide children in Cambodia with access to quality teaching and learning at school. Founded in 2009 by Edward and Kate Shuttleworth, the organisation strives to train local teachers, develop school infrastructure and support local families trying to educate their children. SeeBeyondBorders offers direct participation on a number of projects in Cambodia, where volunteers and teachers work together with local communities to help support and enrich one another’s lives.

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LMS continues to work in partnership with SeeBeyondBorders and supports employees to partake in such programs that enhance their life experiences and teamwork skills. CEO John Falzon also visited Cambodia in March 2011 to witness first-hand the great work that the SeeBeyondBorders team is accomplishing abroad. To find out more please visit their website -


Caterpillar: Supporting Rising Stars

Caterpillar and EPSA, a major supplier and service provider of LMS for over eight years, are proud sponsors of Motorcycle Road Racer, Daniel Falzon. Current 2013 Supersport and 2012 Superstock Champion, 19 year old Daniel has EPSA Managing Director, Phil Canning, and CAT Regional Manager Australasia Pacific Region, Jeremy Canham, to thank for their ongoing faith in the young stars ability. After winning the Australian Superstock Championship in 2012, Daniel moved up to the Supersport category for 2013. Daniel, the rookie of the class, surprised everyone by leading each round and finally winning the Australian Supersport Championship! Following his championship win, he was contacted by the CarXpert Moto2 team to replace an injured rider for the Australian round of the Moto2 Championship. It will be Daniel’s first ride on the world stage.

To download Daniel’s CV please click here.


Thiess Services: Filbert the Frog

In 2002 LMS and Thiess Services entered into a Joint Venture on the ReOrganic Energy project at Swanbank Landfill (QLD). This sustainable development project was the first of its kind in Australia, integrating waste utilisation, recycling and electricity generation.

Filbert the Frog was conceived as a mascot to assist with Community Education at the Swanbank Landfill. At the time, there were community concerns surrounding correct landfill operation. To help address these concerns, a facility and educational program was set-up focusing on the strict management and environmental controls required, as well as initiatives for minimising waste.

Filbert the Frog was born from the idea that a landfill can operate in an ecologically sensitive area and both can survive together. The mascot is used for Thiess Services’ company and community events, most recently appearing at the Brisbane EKKA. It has won several awards, including finalist for Environmental Leadership and Communications and gold for Ipswich City Council Awards for Excellence in the Commercial Greening Category. Today, Filbert the Frog continues to be a popular and highly sort after mascot at a variety of events.


Darwin Renewable Energy Facility School Tours

The Darwin Renewable Energy Facility is incorporated in school and community services, a unique feature of this site. In partnership with City of Darwin, Darwin Resource Recovery Centre and Shoal Bay Mulch, free school group tours at the Shoal Bay Landfill are offered.

These informative, one hour tours are conducted by LMS Operator Dennis Wright, giving students an opportunity to experience and learn about resource recovery and best practice waste management at an operational site. Mr. Wright said the tours were very worthwhile, opening the eyes of students to the existence of such environmental processes. To find out more about the Darwin Renewable Energy Facility view LMS projects.